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 4.00 140.00

Gourmand is a warm embrace of senses and sweetness that has no rivals in its audacity. It is an intense and alluring perfume inspired by the delightful and juicy characteristics of a warm  Amber and precious Woods.


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 4.00 140.00

Shardana is the perfume for those who hear the inner call for adventures and feel the power of discovery. If you have started your voyage and never forget your roots, this fragrance is for you.

Mon Jardin

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 4.00 175.00

Mon Jardin welcomes you to a sensorial journey and invites to explore your personal Eden. Experience the wonders of a lost paradise and the secret of eternal beauty with the unforgettable notes of the perfume.


 4.00 150.00

Polianthes is an intense fragrance which brings out all aspects of femininity. A true cocktail of passion, sweetness and delicacy that hypnotizes you with intense notes of Benzoin and Frankincense.

Rose Poudre

 4.00 160.00

Rose Poudre is a classic scent with a powdery note that was born out of the Bergamot and Oakmoss union. This mild and embracing perfume underlines the conservative instinct and the innovative touch.


 4.00 140.00

InFlora is a sensual and romantic perfume for modern women of all ages. It is an amazing sparkling fragrance designed for those who are well aware of their character.


 4.00 150.00

Galantuomo is for men who do not like to show off and want to follow their nature and passion. It is a true ode for those who love taking care of themselves and are always loyal to their ideals.