Bottega Profumiera is the expression of that craftsmanship which rendered Made in Italy so important in the world as a synonym for research and artistic progress

Galantuomo, Gourmand, Rose Poudre, Polianthes, Shardana, InFLora and Mon Jardin are the seven fragrances that perform the style of Bottega Profumiera. Seven unique Italians niche perfumes which are intended for everyone who feels unique. Each fragrance is the outcome of a careful selection of scented notes that are mixed to melt into an exclusive and always contemporary essence.

Even if the fragrance is inspired by the past and the method is the one of the master perfumers from the past, each creation interpret perfectly the bond between classic and modernity in order to give birth to a perfume outside the time trends. Clients who choose a perfume by Bottega Profumiera want to wear something unique and feel a fragrance that performs their life style and recalls their origins.

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It’s a project that has grown together with Maurizio Lembo’s love and passion for a job which means art and creativity

The founder of the brand grew up in the family business during the glorious years of perfumery in Rome and has created a sophisticated and contemporary Italian brand, which is elegant and modern at the same time. These values are important not only for the products but for their creation, for the cure in each detail of packaging and distribution. Bottega Profumiera is the brand for everyone who desires to distinguish without showing off. It’s a new experience to try by choosing one of the fragrances that were created to be loved eternally and never bore.